Do you have questions about the accessibility of our Museum?
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Accessibility for special groups

Personal assistants of disabled people have a free entrance to our Museum.

Disabled people with reduced mobility

Disabled cars can leave their passangers in front of the main entrance of the WeeGee Exhibition Centre. There is a ramp which leads inside the building. It is easy to move around inside the WeeGee in a wheelchair.


The Helinä Rautavaara Museum is located on the second floor of the WeeGee Exhibition Centre. There is a lift in the lobby.

Toilet for the disabled

The nearest toilet for the disabled is located in the corridor next to the entrances of the Helinä Rautavaara Museum and Finnish Toy Museum. You can ask for further assistance about the locations of other toilets at the information desk.

Seating in the exhibition area

There are seats in the exhibition area.

The visually impaired and people with reduced eyesight

The lighting of the exhibition area has been reduced for guaranteeing the preservation of the objects. It is advised for the visually impaired and people with reduced eyesight to explore the Museum with guidance of a personal assistant.

For the visually impaired designed Talking drum -touching pad is located in the Africa courtyard. The pad tells about changing Ghanaian tradition through objects, music and text. Talking drum -touching pad ia designed by Nao Saito.

An audio description of the courtyards of the Helinä Rautavaara Museum has been made.

You can borrow a general guidance in Braille alphabet from the information desk. Language options are Finnish, Swedish and English.

Guide dogs

Guide dogs are welcome to our Museum.

Audio material

Every courtyard of the Museum has its own soundscape. The museum visitors can also listen radio programs made by Helinä Rautavaara and see film material filmed by her. Next to the information desk is a listening point. There are 18 radio programs which Rautavaara made to YLE, the Finnish Broadcasting Company, for you to listen.

The Museum lends voice guidance devices for deposit at the information desk.