MARGIN TO MARGIN 6.9.2017-7.1.2018

Exhibition ‘Margin to Margin’ is the final artistic outcome of the two-year project ‘Women Living on the Edges of the World’. The project is an international research and art collaboration between various global artist communities with the goal to study how art empowers women living in marginal conditions in Finland, Russia and Australia.

The art and research explores concepts of marginality, which in this project is defined by conditions of isolation and migration. This unique cross-continental collaboration explores and presents art and research processes of women working in different situations across various continents while facing challenges of isolation and marginality. Central to this study are women artists who may move from one role to another (be it spouse, mother, researcher, professional, teacher, artist, maker and friend), continuously fluctuating between identities to enable their becoming within communities, while surviving their marginalities.

The exhibition will incorporate the group’s ongoing reflections, data analysis, narrative representations and audiovisual materials in curated installations. It will display mixed-media artworks implemented in the techniques of traditional, weaving, felting, painting and others, by individual artists, as well as collaboratively. Besides, the artistic outcomes will be reinterpreted in the form of installations and interactive pieces. In addition, the exhibition will feature vast spectrum of video artworks, video documentation of artistic processes and photography artworks.

The group will engage in audience work such as public screenings, presentations and a workshop. Melanie Sarantou and other Australian collaborators aim to join the exhibition on location with an extended group of artists, including aboriginal artists.